Zenfolio | Shelby Mahon | Motorsports Portfolio

Here at Back Country Photography and Design we specialize in extreme sports. Everything from motocross and snocross to truck pulls and car races.

Sports photography is one of the most difficult facets of the photography industry and requires a very specialized type of photographer. Extreme sports photography requires a steady hand, quick reflexes and a solid understanding of the sport being photographed.

One of the reasons we excel at this type of photography is because our owner and lead photographer Shelby Mahon has a passion for the motorsports industry that encompasses her entire life. Shelby currently holds contracts with Supertrax Magazine and Ontario Tourism.

Shelby also participates in extreme sports like motocross, snocross and ATVing. As a Pro Womens Snocross racer Shelby can easily find the best spots to stand for the most heart pumping action, crashes and passes. Shelby's assistant photographer, Rob, has over 20yrs of experience in racing both motocross and snocross at a professional level. This experience gives him unimaginable insight into the best locations for high energy action.

We specialize in extreme sports so don't leave your photography to the rookies, instead, trust the pro's because they are pros for a reason!